Welcome Beautiful Soul Traveller!

Stepping through this gateway, you are entering the world of wonder. This is a place where everything comes together for you. You no longer need to divide your life into earthly and spiritual. You can safely combine it into one, and finally be happy. You have been brought here by either a question that needs to be answered or an issue that needs to be addressed. Maybe you are looking for an in-depth transformation or a sense of purpose in your life. As you walk through the gateway, you will find it all. You will get an understanding of what is going on in the world and the universe right now, how it affects you and how you can benefit from all the amazing light energy flooding the Earth. More importantly, behind this gate, you will find your true Self.

Enjoy your experience and have a blessed day.


My name is Jolanta Kulig. I am a spiritual teacher. My story is not the usual „since I was a little girl, I could speak to Spirit…” The choice of my Soul was to awaken the hard way and gradually re-member my true identity and purpose.

My career started in the corporate world. I quickly worked my way through up to senior positions, yet despite all the money and success I wasn’t happy. I was sick of internal competition, politics and the games people played. I looked for help in self-development books, yoga and meditation. Instead of feeling better, I felt even more trapped. I wanted to get out so badly that I decided to leave the safety of a big company and start my own business. It turned out to be a huge flop. The five year struggle to stay afloat consumed all my money, reputation and confidence. All earthly ways to get out of this tantalising mess failed. And one day, when I was browsing the internet, I saw an angel messaging ad. I was so desperate at that stage that I could use anything. One thing led to another. And in a few months I was able to come to an agreement with the creditors who wouldn’t even answer my calls before. I followed the guidance that took on many forms and managed to sell the business even though the market was down. It was the first miracle I so tangibly experienced in my life.

I was free, my ego was severely bruised but my consciousness expanded in ways I never knew were possible. While going through that really dark time in my life, I had to quickly learn to read the energy, clear and heal karmic patterns and work with my guides to move forward. I finally understood what went wrong. The company I set up wasn’t based on my passion but the energy of desperation, insecurity and escape.

In the process of learning my big and painful karmic lesson, I saw how fast my earthly reality could change once I was aligned with my light vibration. I was so excited about it that I decided to share it with others. It is now both my passion and my full time job. I still continue the journey of my own consciousness expansion with new gifts activating inside me along the way. I can read and heal people’s past lives and channel messages of light beings. I do light language transmissions and also can communicate with the guardian spirits of the Earth’s power places. I have channelled unique healing and empowerment modalities provided by the highest beings of light. And I know there is much more to come.

I am so grateful for everything that has happened in my life. Without the darkness I went through I wouldn’t be now enjoying my light. I have found my life purpose which is helping people get through their awakening and align with their Soul’s plan. Every day I celebrate the successes of my clients who shine their light in the world and turn their lives around with amazing effects. Miracles have become a standard in my life and the lives of the people I work with. I travel to the most amazing places of this beautiful water planet to give and receive energy activations. Every single day, I visit other dimensions and communicate with the realms of spirit. Someone once said that I walked between worlds. Actually, I have integrated all the worlds into my daily life on Earth, which I now enjoy very much. Life on Earth is so much fun.


What is Ascension? In simple terms it is our collective journey back home. The Ascension process is a huge transformation that the Earth and her inhabitants are undergoing right now. When you look around and see the chaos going on in the world, this is one of the effects of the process. It may be overwhelming but what is truly happening right now is the collective karma being cleared before our very eyes. The world of polarity (good and bad, black and white) is moving back into oneness. To do it, old wounds have to be healed and conflicts resolved. That’s why they have come up to the surface.

All this is supported by an incredible energy grid system that spreads across light dimensions. The system was put in place in 2012. In the famous 10 days between 12-12-12 and 21-12-12, the Earth’s old operating system was switched off, and the new one was activated. A lot of collective karmic contracts and stagnant energy was thus cleared and suddenly everything accelerated. Every year, there are new add-ons to the system to integrate higher vibrations of light. All the time new portals within that system open and transmit energy codes to transform the old energy.

Accordingly, our personal journey is a part of a larger process. Although everything described above may sound like a fairytale, it is very palpable in our every day lives. Each time, a new wave of energy comes in, the Earth’s electromagnetic field is affected, and as we live on Earth, the same happens to us. Sudden mood swings, outbursts of anger out of nowhere, headaches and even nausea are just a few physical symptoms that people experience during intense energy transmissions. The more sensitive they are to the energy, the more intense their sensations will be. However, there is also a more important process initiated inside us. The new energy coming down awakens us to life. People suddenly admit that they are not happy with where they are and what they do and that surely there is more than just every day routine. Their comfort zone that was supposed to be their protection is now viewed as their prison. To get out of there, they have to face their fears and look for a deeper meaning and purpose of life. And thus their awakening process starts.