Beings of Light

For starters, they do exist. If you are sensitive to energies, you can feel them around you. There is nothing they want from you. They are with you to support you with their guidance and sometimes, a loving nudge. They come from many different dimensions, so you can have around you such beings as angels, masters, goddesses, fairies, unicorns and so many more.

Think of each of those beings as a consciousness of love. Love has a very wide spectrum of colour and vibration, so they each carry a different part of it. They would only take on the form you are used to, so you could recognise them. But at other times they are just a living and loving shape-free consciousness. They are amazing teachers, guides and healers.

They had contracted to be a part of your spiritual team before your Soul came down into this incarnation. They make sure that you are safe and that your karmic lessons are learned. They are the ones behind every synchronicity in your life. They will patiently leave you signs to follow until you notice them. Their work, however, goes beyond manifesting intentions, giving messages and listening to prayers. They can accelerate your awakening process to the maximum. They can remove your karmic contracts and patterns and replace your obsolete energy systems with new high vibrational blueprints. They can help you with your money, job or relationship issues. No job for them is too big or too small. Sometimes people don’t want to bother them. Well, they want to be bothered! It’s their job!

To be able to do all that, you have to use your free will. They cannot force their help on you. You have to ask them for it and commit to making the necessary changes in your life. You must also remember that they will not take your decisions for you. They can make it easier for you by removing the old patterns holding you back but the call is yours. You are responsible for your life.

When you consciously let them enter your life, it will become so much more colourful. They have an incredible sense of humour. You will always feel safe, your consciousness will expand in unimaginable ways and you will feel more grounded and confident in your life. Just imagine having a conversation with an Archangel in your home, and then going grocery shopping just like that. Once you feel comfortable with both, it means you live an integrated spiritual fun life that unfolds before you every single day.

When working with Beings of Light, especially angels, masters and goddesses, it is important to remember that they are non – denominational. They are not part of any religion. Another important thing to bear in mind is that you are not separate from them. You are their team mate, just as they are yours. You are not inferior. You are also a Being of Light and your guides are helping you to remember this with all its implications, here on Earth.