Goddess Rising

Bringing the Goddess energy back to Earth is the cornerstone of the Ascension process. For many millenia now, the world has relied on the mind and logic, leaving behind the heart and intuition. The thought has become the primary tool of creation and the feeling has been pushed back. As a result we have a problem with facing and understanding our emotions.

The Goddess energy is now healing the imbalance between the heart and the mind. Also known as the Divine Feminine, it re-introduces the old ways of creation based on love, wisdom and passion. It re-establishes the link between the Earth and Spirit so that we can be in a constant flow and lead our lives with ease and appreciation. The Divine Feminine is also associated with magic, i.e. miracles and dreams coming true. It brings back the old teachings of ancient mystery schools to help us re-connect with our true power and gifts coded in our systems.

Before all that can be fully anchored in the Earth system, however, there is a deep wound that needs to be healed in the collective consciousness. The wound comes from the persecution of the Divine Feminine on Earth. Witch trials, the inquisition, the humiliation of the feminine, sexual exploitation, the religious condemnation of the feminine and the violation of the feminine throughout the ages, have created pain and terror that we all carry in our DNA, both men and women. This is the fear that stops us from creating from the heart, from following our passion, from living an unconventional life and enjoying abundance in every aspect of the word.

The Divine Feminine brings ways to heal the collective and individual karmic wounds hidden deep in our hearts. It also teaches us that you can be gentle and powerful at the same time. You don’t need to push and compete any more to achieve something. On the contrary, the Divine Feminine gives you the courage to explore your gifts, follow your passion and create everything you need in the now. Once you feel love flowing through your heart, you have an unprecedented opportunity to express it in new ways and direct it to various aspects of your life, be it health, abundance, relationships, family or creative endeavours.

The Goddess energy also has its male counterpart. In the primordial structure of existence the Divine Feminine operates together with the Divine Masculine. At all times they are one, mutually supporting and reinforcing each other. This is not so on Earth. With the Divine Feminine banished for millenia, the Divine Masculine has been reduced to patriarchal structure, brute force and domination. The love-based creation has been replaced with fear-based struggle for recognition and success. Thus the healing energy of the Divine Feminine can also create a safe space for the the Divine Masculine to release its patterns of suffering and separation and come back to its former place of love and oneness.

If you want to feel that Divine balance in your life, follow the Way of the Heart, where the Goddess is your guide. With her assistance you will heal your life and re-learn to trust your gut. She will also help you activate your divine talents, passion and joy. More importantly, she will let you experience your divine legacy of love and teach you ways to channel it every day into your life.