Lightworkers are people who have awakened to the light in themselves. If you are reading these words you are one, as well. No need to panic, no need to scramble for a special mission you have to deliver. As a lightworker, you have only one job: work on your own light. When you awaken and turn to the spiritual world for help and answers, your light turns on. You become a living portal of light and it does not matter how messy your situation is or how low you value yourself. The quote below is the best description of what happens next:

“You are about to be called into Service in ways that you have not imagined. The higher frequency of who you are and how you must perceive reality and behave on this planet are needed .. immediately. Which is why we say to you that you will be yanked from your complacency, for that is what it is. To alter your perception to include a far-far broader understanding of existence is to take on a responsibility that some have not yet entertained. It is the time to go within and fully understand what it is you are being asked to become. You are being asked to become your complete Truth and inner Knowing and Power.”
~ Lauren Zimmerman

To be a lightworker, you do not have to be a spiritual teacher, healer or messenger. There are a lot of beautiful light souls working in the corporate world, bakeries, factories and households. You can be a Lightworker Mom or a Lightworker Dad and just use all your spiritual knowledge in practice in your daily life. It does not make you any less important.

We all are a part of the collective known as humanity. Although a lot of people are still asleep, the number of those awakening to their light is growing as you are reading these words. The idea is to ignite the light of as many as possible so that the light quotient is high enough to reach a critical mass and release fear based structures from the collective energy. Impossible as it sounds, it is already happening. Once your light quotient is high enough, you will ignite the lights of others around you, and they will continue to do the same. There is one condition though, as a Lightworker you have to be in your light, follow it and take decisions in your life that will let you enjoy your light and create with it.

The good news is that you do not have to go anywhere to do it. Your life is your laboratory. Your responsibility is not to convert others. Your responsibility is to build a fulfilling and happy life for yourself here on Earth, where you can grow and experience all the wonders of this beautiful planet. Once you integrate your spirituality into your earthly life, you will understand that all you do in life is spiritual. Peeling potatoes is spiritual, your morning routine is spiritual, the food you eat is spiritual just as your daily encounters with guides or meditation or whatever you practice in your life. Once you truly see that everything is energy and that you are a creator using this energy, everything will fall into place.

It will not happen overnight but once you decide to follow your light you will experience the most amazing journey of love and transformation. I know it is not easy to suddenly start thinking differently or change your old habits and perceptions, so below is the Lightworkers’ Creed that I drafted together with the Angels, to put you back on your path when you feel lost.

Lightworkers’ Creed

2. Commit only to yourself.
3. Expand your consciousness.
4. Tend to your Light.
5. Always choose yourself.
6. Connect daily to GOD/ Higher Self/ Guides/ Light.
7. Do your inner work.
8. Get out of your comfort zone.
9. Break the rules.
10. Tell your mind to shut up and listen to your heart.
11. DON’T BE CHEAP – invest in yourself. You’re all you’ve got.