Re-membering Your Self

You are not just a human. You are a multidimensional Being of Light, and your humanness is just a small puzzle in the entire structure. It doesn’t make your life on Earth though any less important. As an awakening human you are re-membering forgotten pieces of you. You switch from the mind based model of thinking to the Heart – Soul model of feeling. It is the only way in which you can re-connect with your Higher Self, multiple aspects of you operating in other dimensions and of course, your guides.

Our life as humans revolves around seeing oneself as separate from everything and everyone else. Everything is a play of light and shadow for us. We embrace the light and run away from the shadow, and thus the feeling of separation becomes even greater. We do not understand that the very shadow that scares us also carries our aspects of light that need to be retrieved. The shadow is also us. To integrate it, we have to explore every fear, feeling of guilt, shame or loneliness. Only then can we feel how powerful we are as humans and creator beings at the same time.

We also must remember that the story of our Soul is not just this lifetime. We have hundreds of thousands of incarnations on this planet, other planets, galaxies, universes and other dimensions. We have lived as humans, aliens, energies, plants, animals, planets, suns, stars, fairies, dragons and everything in between. We truly are seasoned Soul Travellers. Now is the time to remember the old stories and both good and bad experiences. They are called our karma. During the Earth’s Ascension process, we now have an unprecedented opportunity to clear our old karmic patterns, heal old wounds and release ancient pain.

We carry all these stories in our cellular memory and they are the actual drivers behind our daily actions. If you fell off a merry-go-round in some other lifetime and broke your neck, you will not go near an amusement park in this lifetime. You may wonder why you cried as a child at the very mention of it and the answer is because you still carry the trauma of the fall from the previous incarnation. Every fear and karmic pattern you have, originated somewhere along your Soul’s journey. If you want your freedom, love and full potential back, this is something that you first have to remove from your karmic DNA.

Your karmic history is not only pain and suffering. It is also amazing gifts, powers and wisdom that you could access during your other incarnations. They can all be retrieved as well. The truth is that you do not have to really learn new things. You know it all. You’ve been through it all and now you just need to remember.

Eons ago, we all as Souls originated from the Source/ God/ Goddess in an outburst of unconditional love. Each spark, although tiny in size, carrying all the love and power of Creation. Eager to experience our infinite potential we used our power to manifest situations through which we could better understand the nature of creation. Gradually we forgot who we were and where we came from, overwhelmed by our karmic experiences. Now along with this beautiful water planet we are coming back home to Unconditional Love and Oneness, slowly remembering our divine legacy of Light.