Wheel of the Year

The Ascension process can be compared to a fabric with a very sophisticated design. Some of the threads weave through higher dimensions of light, some through the Earth’s structure and some through the collective light consciousness that has always been present on Earth. Sometimes that consciousness was hidden from the outer world, sometimes, it was openly revered.

Old traditions have been kept alive through millenia and every time they were practiced their energy was reinforced in the human collective. So when we celebrate a given event we re-connect with the consciousness of all those who did it before us. It is a very effective tool that we can use for our own awakening process.

There is a number of days in the year that open really powerful gateways and bring in profound transformative energies. They are called the Wheel of the Year or the Wheel of Life. The Wheel follows the cycles of the Earth, giving us plenty of occasions and energetic support to start anew, clear old blocks or manifest our dreams. Once we align ourselves with the cycles, we enter the flow of the universal energy that can accelerate things for us and keep us on the path of our life purpose. Although the same dates are celebrated every year, the energy that is activated through them is different every time. The energy portals that open on those dates transmit the codes that are in synch with what is needed right now as part of the Ascension process.

The Wheel of the Year comprises eight key events, also known as sabbats:
Imbolc – February, 1st.

The festival of the Goddess Brigit that celebrates the return of the Light. A powerful manifestation date.

Spring Equinox

Usually around March, 20th/21st, 21st/22nd or or 22nd/23rd (check the astronomical calendar as it’s not fixed). The light and shadow are in equal amounts. A great day/night for clearing, releasing and making new intentions for your life. You can close the door to your past and open a new one into your future.

Beltane – May, 1st.

The festival of lights, potential, abundance and new beginnings. Love is in the air. A wonderful time to manifest everything you want in your life.

Summer Solstice

Usually around June, 20th/21st or 21st/22nd (check the astronomical calendar as it’s not fixed). It is the time when the amount of Light on the planet is the highest. It carries the energy of a rite of passage. You can leave behind everything that no longer serves you and walk through the gateway of light into your new lifetime. A powerful manifestation date.

Lughnasadh/ Lammas – August, 1st

The festival of the first harvest. An amazing opportunity to work with abundance in all aspects of your life – financial, emotional, spiritual etc. The energy of abundance flows through the whole month of August, so make sure you manifest with all your might and your wishes will be supported in all ways. Don’t forget about gratitude. This is how you increase your receptivity and potential.

Autumn Equinox

Usually around September, 20th/21st, 21st/22nd or 22nd/23rd (check the astronomical calendar as it’s not fixed). Another gateway balancing the light and shadow and another opportunity to say goodbye to the past, release old stories and focus on the future.

Halloween – October, 31st.

A wonderful time to connect with your guides, release and send your intentions to the universe. It is a truly magical night. Work with gratitude on that night and you will experience miraculous results.

Winter Solstice

Usually around December, 20th/21st or 21st/22nd (check the astronomical calendar as it’s not fixed). The maximum amount of darkness and the minimum amount of light on the planet. It’s a great time for shadow integration work and deep clearing. It is also the time when the birth of a new light is celebrated. You can use the darkness to plant the seeds of new dreams for the next cycle. In the spiritual world, the winter solstice marks the beginning of the new year.

Apart from the sacred sabbaths of the Wheel of the Year, there are also other gateways that we can benefit from, such as new moons, full moons, lunar and solar solstices or galactic light portals, e.g. the Lion’s Gate that opens on July, 26th. We can align with them all or we can choose just one cycle to follow. What’s important is that we are offered an infinite number of opportunities that support our growth and healing processes. Although their number may be overwhelming, they all operate seamlessly together and shape the vibration of our bodies as well as our planet. We are invited to seize their energy and consciously evolve leaving behind our outdated beliefs, old fear-based habits and limitations.