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I only work with people who are determined to change their life and are committed to their own healing process. If you are looking for answers because you feel generally stuck in life, it means that your awakening process has started. It is really a huge step for you! Your light is on, now is the time to learn what to do with it.

Everything you will find below comes from my own personal work. Following my path and constantly working on my frequency, I have now come to the point where I can be an activator and catalyst for others. My programs are channelled from the Beings of Light who work with me. There is no fluff, just serious healing and activation work you can apply practically to your life after each session.

I know from experience that bouncing from one incidental session to another, leaves you with even more questions. You feel overwhelmed and totally lost. You need a friendly structure in which you can progress at your own pace week after week, with a possibility to discuss the situations that come up in your life on an on-going basis. That’s why I mostly offer programs I wish I’d had when I was in dire straits. Each program is personalised and delves into your current circumstances.

Are you ready to experience your full light and potential?

Quantum Entrepreneur Coaching

Join the new breed of entrepreneurs who skilfully use their vibrational spectrum to create quickly and effectively. There is no fancy marketing involved, no menial email list building, no spamming others with your offer hoping that someone will respond. There is a better and faster way! Your business reflects your blueprints, so to make it work, we have to unveil your full potential. In our sessions you receive profound healing, energy upgrades and consciousness shifting activations from beings of light. We remove your limitations, be it beliefs, traumas or fears and re-direct the retrieved light into your purpose and business. We can manifest it together from scratch, including your website, offer and client profile, or re-build your existing operation so that finally you can thrive doing what you love.

The Quantum Entrepreneur programs work perfectly for:

  • spiritual people who dream about having their own prosperous business where they can share their gifts with others;

  • soulful business leaders who want to run and grow their companies using the quantum opportunities available to them.

All coaching sessions are remote. We meet either on skype or a similar type of platform, once a week for one hour. You receive an audio recording after each session. You are also ready to apply straight away everything we worked on during the session to real life situations and manifest the business you dream about in quantum leaps.

There are three coaching options available:

  • 5-week-coaching program, EUR 1800

  • 2-month-coaching program, EUR 2700

  • 3 month-coaching program, EUR 3500

Integrated Life Coaching

You are so much more than just a human being. You have access to unbelievable energy sources that can instantaneously shift your life. The moment you apply this energy to your life, everything will change. You will no longer feel stuck or helpless. You will align with your highest light frequency and feel complete again. The split between the harsh earthly reality and elusive spiritual bliss will disappear. It will all be integrated practically into your new colourful life. Everyday struggle will be replaced by an amazing flow of events and opportunities.

During the sessions your guides of light step forward to change your vibration, clear your patterns, heal your wounds and replace the obsolete energy systems with new high vibrational blueprints. You become aware of your role and potential. Your gifts open up and you start understanding your true identity. I teach you how to manifest from your highest vibration and how to constantly upgrade your energy structures to expand your consciousness all the time. You become a Master Creator who can practically harness your own energy and build the life you desire.

The Integrated Life programs work perfectly for:

  • the people who want to heal their lives and solve their problems once and for all;

  • the people who need a major overhaul in almost all areas of their life;

  • the people stuck in a rut and looking for their life purpose;

  • the spiritual seekers who want to bridge the divide between the earthly reality and the spiritual world.

All coaching sessions are remote. We meet either on skype or a similar type of platform, once a week for one hour. You receive an audio recording after each session. You are also ready to apply straight away everything we worked on during the session to real life situations and manifest your new life in quantum leaps.

There are 3 coaching options available:

  • 5-week-coaching program, EUR 1500

  • 2-month-coaching program, EUR 2500

  • 3 month-coaching program, EUR 3300

Single sessions are available after you’ve been through one of my programs.

Dream Alchemy Training, EUR 1100

Your dreams are a powerful transformation gateway. They offer you guidance, healing and also glimpses of the future. Dreams can open you a safe space to meet with your guides and your loved ones on the other side. They are often mistaken for the subconscious while in reality they are the great unconscious – our forgotten power and divine legacy of love. Even though you don’t understand them now, they speak a language that can be easily decoded by you. It is like a pact made with a childhood friend to speak in a way that only you two understand.

You are the only one that can fully interpret, understand and experience the healing and shifting energy of your dreams. When someone else interprets a dream for you, it’s just a description that more or less rings a bell and there isn’t much you can do about it. Once you get down to it, your energy channels immediately activate and a transmission of information codes begins. Your dream world becomes your life compass helping you with addressing your issues, taking decisions and keeping you safe.

If you dream a lot and remember your dreams, you have in your hands the most sacred energy tool used across all civilisations from Atlantis through ancient Egypt and Greece to the Shamanic cultures around the world. You have a very precious gift that can change your life forever.

The Dream Alchemy Training is for everyone who is fascinated with the dream world and its infinite possibilities.

The Dream Alchemy training is a 4-week course. We meet either on skype or a similar type of platform. You receive an audio recording after each session. There are four sessions, one per week, each of them 1.5 hours long. We also work by email in between the sessions on your assignments. By the end of the course you will fluently speak the language of your dreams, you will know how to tap into their healing energy and get guidance on important aspects of your life. You will also see that after all your work your life has become more balanced and happier, and you feel more confident and grounded.

Innanas Priestess Training, EUR 555

It is my absolute pleasure to take you on this one-on-one journey back home, straight into the Eternal Flame of the Source/ God/ Creator. This is a journey of consciousness expansion you’ve never experienced before. Innana and the Phoenix Realm align you with the highest frequencies of the Source, the Great Central Sun and the Eternal Flame so you can finally step into your power. This program upgrades your vibration and helps you remember the teacher, priest/ priestess, healer, wayshower and the oracle inside you. We delve deep into the wisdom of Innana’s mystery school that she so kindly has shared with me.

This 4 week journey consists of 4 one-hour activations. We meet either on skype or a similar type of platform. You receive an audio recording after each session. The process started during each meeting continues into your week as you integrate the new knowledge and frequencies, as instructed by Innana.

The course is structured as follows:

*Week one: Initiation into Innana’s Mystery School and alignment with the frequencies of Eternal Flame. Your systems are prepared and your ancient connection with the Flame re-ignited.

*Week two: Tending the Sacred Fire – now that you know what it is, it’s time to use it for healing, balancing and opening your potential to your highest vibrational resonance.

*Week three: Activating your Inner Wisdom and Potential – amazing work with the seals and codes of the Elohim and the Seraphim that came through especially for this training. This is where you learn to stand in your sacred power, divinity and show up for yourself.

Week 4: Love Alchemy and Manifestation of your Sacred Fiery Potential – mystery school wisdom is brought into your every day life.

This unique training increases your intuitive insights and awakens your energy reading skills. It also aligns your vibration with the highest frequency of the Source of all Creation, available to you. As a result, you can fully embody your potential and manifest your path with full awareness and new wisdom awakened in your DNA.

”Charging Lion” Activations with Mother Sekhmet, EUR 555

Do you feel you are on the verge of a breakthrough, yet something is holding you back? Is there a recurring fear /memory that comes back to you every time you want to make the next step? Are you ready to embrace your life purpose but you are concerned about your future?

This activation program gives you an opportunity to get rid of that stubborn recurring pattern once and for all. In the loving and fierce energy of the lion-headed Goddess known as Mother Sekhmet, you will safely face your darkest Shadow and move onto your path of Light and Purpose.

Together with Mother Sekhmet and her realm, we will:

  • delve deep into your present circumstances to diagnose and remove whatever stands between you and your destiny;

  • teach you how to embrace and integrate your Shadow;

  • retrieve and integrate your highest light and divine gifts;

  • and show you how to always hold onto your highest timeline and potential so you can walk joyfully your path and share your light with the world.

When Mother Sekhmet gets down to work, get ready for profound changes in your life. Her processes bring about miraculous healings and fast transformation. They highlight the aspects of your life that no longer serve you and move you well beyond your comfort zone. Mother Sekhmet helps you build the core around which you can re-create your life in line with your newly freed vibration.

The activations are transmitted during four one hour sessions. We meet either on skype or a similar type of platform. You receive an audio recording after each session. You can decide whether you want the fast track option, i.e. 4 meetings every two-three days or the regular option – one session a week for 4 weeks.

Life Empowerment Activations with Lady Gaia, EUR 555

Everything in this program is about YOU – your true blueprint, true power, your own way to live your life on Earth and express your unique gifts. No more pretending, no more bending, no more wrong turns and decisions.

Many modalities teach you that in order to achieve something you want, you have to change, you have to act in a different way, you have to become somebody else. It is a very daunting process that always ends up in disappointment.

The one-size-fits-all systems don’t work because they exclude the most important factor – your true essence, your unique gifts, your innate power. If you are born a rose, no matter how hard you try, you will not become a lily of the valley. Lady Gaia and the Elemental Kingdoms will teach you how to achieve what the lily has, by being the rose and enjoying it in the process.

Lady Gaia will help you tap into the pure divine blueprint that holds your true nature. You will finally find out out where you belong and how you can best use your superpowers. And as a nice side effect, you will have the support of and open communication lines with all the realms of Nature. A walk in the park will never be the same again!

If you are at the stage in your life where:
– you feel sick and tired of waiting for things to happen,
– you feel you can do and be more,
– you are torn between what you do and what you’d like to do,
– or you have no idea what to do,
– you live your life on somebody else’s terms,
– you feel clueless, lonely, and unable to connect,

let Lady Gaia and her team re-connect you with your true radiant and powerful Self.

In your Life Empowerment process, you will also receive activations from Green Man, the Elven Realm, the Agarthans, fairies, power animals and indigenous tribes. As the program focuses on you and is tailored to your needs, other beings will appear as well.

During the 4-week program there are four 1 hour sessions. We meet either on skype or a similar type of platform. You receive an audio recording after each session. The sessions are followed by homework that is integrated into your daily life. You will also receive instructions for the week on how to work with Nature to support your transformation. It is an essential part of the process, so make sure you have access to at least a small patch of natural land where you feel comfortable.

You come out of the program as the Creator of your life who has a unique spot and purpose in the divine blueprint of the Earth and the Universe. You will also know how to open different dimensions of Nature, recognise and activate Nature portals and open yourself to spontaneous activations.

Check my FB and blog for seasonal portal activations, sessions and programs.