Power Places

The Earth’s power places are an essential part of the Ascension grid. Generally, “a power place” is a location with a very strong energy. It is also a gateway to inter-dimensional portals that keep the energy pure and alive. Usually, these are places that are historically connected to a higher consciousness, such as ancient temples, holy mountains and other nature spots, where our ancestors communicated with the Higher Power. The power places can also be less obvious such as unusual earth and stone formations, caves or dolmens. Very often we do not know what their purpose was, yet we can experience very high energy levels.

The power places serve primarily as reception points of new light codes coming to the planet, which they then transmit onward into the Earth’s leyline system. They are also powerful portals for profound personal healing and transformation. The immersion into the energies of a power place can save you a good few months of an in-depth work in the quiet of your home. Once you connect with its vibration, it can very quickly shift your stubborn karmic patterns. You can also experience an instant expansion of consciousness and receive answers to your problems and questions.

Every power place has its guardian spirit that you can communicate with. Once you look beyond the ruins of a historical site and tap into the energy around you, the guardian of the place will open its inner planes of transformation for you. It is an incredible experience that puts you in two worlds at the same time. It is a unique opportunity to work with a living energy transmission that you might have read about in channellings. The guardians of power places are beings from all over creation. So visiting a power place you can experience angelic energy, fairy energy, dragon energy, goddess energy as well as consciousness collectives, such as indigenous tribes.

A huge part of my own spiritual journey has led through numerous power places of the Earth. They have accelerated my healing and growth. During my travels I worked with the Metatronic Teams at the Oracle in Delphi, prayed at the Oracle of the Dead in Greece, followed the footsteps of Mary Magdalene in Southern France and Scotland, immersed in Mother Mary’s energy at her sanctuaries in Lourdes and Medjugorje, received messages from the dragon beings in Balinese temples, swam with incredible wild dolphins in the Pacific, experienced the galactic energy in the pyramids and tunnels in Bosnia, received amazing healings from multiple portals in Sedona, walked deep into the caves all the way into the belly of Mother Earth and got activated at the ancient temples of Malta. I also was invited by Lady Gaia to enter her elemental kingdoms at the most beautiful nature spots on the planet. Every time I hear the call, I answer it, ready to experience and commune with the purest spirit energy here on Earth.